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Nana Heals Moon Amulet

Nana Heals Moon Amulet

Nana Buruku she is the goddess of the moon in Ghana. Nana Buruku is the grandmother of the Orishas. bringing  forth the tranquil feeling of the moon, and the psychic power of the waters. Should be worn to invoke power during cresent , full, and new moon
Blessed With:
Mugwort a lunar herb releases the energy of the moon, activating psychic abilities and feminine energy. Orange peels acts as a stimulator to the sacral chakra while also bring citrus warmth to the womb
Aquamarine  Crystals,  stones  of the ocean  and sacred to mermaid
Energy and  Sea  Shells  are symbols  and scents of  Yemoja acting also  as protect.
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