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Ancient Warrior Amulet

Ancient Warrior Amulet



Reiki  protection  and higher self  symbols. Blessed with  songs to  the ancestors  for strength and  protection

Purpose: all  herbs  used are  sacred herbs  for protection  and herbs for the  Warrior Orishas to aid  spiritual protection beyond  this dimension



Basil  : used  in ritual  for cleansing  of negative energies  of body and home, herb  used to honor Warrior Orisha  Oshoosi the hunter

Eucalyptus  : used  to heal  from Hex,  also for Warrior  Orisha of war Ogun   

Obsidian:  Stone  used by  native indigenous  to shield

one  from negative  energy

Uva  Ursi -Herb for lead Warrior Orisha of  love and beauty Osun

Sandlewood-  for  protection  of mind and  spirit m scent

of  Warrior    Orisha Eshu,  protector of  the Ase

Rosemary-  used  in Gullah  and Cuban ritual  to break cure

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