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B a l a n c e  Herbal Toner
  • B a l a n c e Herbal Toner

    We all know how important it is to block the pores after a good face wash, don’t we? You can use the Balance Herbal Toner that can improve and protect the skin manifolds. The toner is best for those with a problematic skin, with pimples, acne, etc. It constricts the skin pores and reduces the amount of oil and dirt that may stick to the skin throughout the day, while also restoring PH levels to bring forth supreme 
    “ B a l a n c e “
    The toner shrinks the pores of the skin. It helps balance the pH levels in the skin, besides giving it tightening and protection. The toner uses safe and natural herbal astringents.
    You can apply it once in the morning & once in the evening. The toner is recommended for use on oily or normal skin.
    Step 1: Cleanse your skin
    Step 2: Saturate a cotton ball with Herbal Astringent Toner
    Step 3: Apply this to your face in a circular motion. Avoid contact with eye area.
    For best results, use a Moisturizer afterwards to replenish moisture in your skin.
    Active Natural Ingredients
    Purified Water (Aqua); Apple Cider Vinegar,  Moringa, Comfrey Leaf Nettle,, Marigold Flower Extract, Extract,Burdock Root. 
    All of these are combined for an amazing and skin nourishing formula that is herbally grounded.
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