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Bwa anmè

Bwa anmè


Quassia amara, also known as amargo, bitter-ash, bitter-wood, or hombre grande (spanish for big man). 

Common NAMES: It has many common names such as; Amargo, Bitter Ash, Bitterholz, Bitterwood, Bois amer, Bois de quassia, Crucete, Quassia, Cuassia, Cuachi, Fliegenholz, Guabo, Hombre grande, Jamaica bark, Kashshing, Marauba, Marupa, Palo muneco, Pau amarelo, Quassia amarga, Quassiawood, Ruda, Simaruba, Simarubabaum, Quassiaholz, Quassia de cayenne, Quassie, Quina, Simaba and Suriname wood


People use quassia for stomach and intestinal problems, diabetes, lice, skin conditions, and many other conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to support most uses. In manufacturing, quassia is used to flavor foods, beverages, lozenges, and laxatives. 


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