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Calming Shores Aura Mist

Calming Shores Aura Mist


Yemoja Aura Mist

Purpose: Like Olokun, Yemoja is the mother of the 7 oceans. She represents fertility,bringing forth the tranquil feeling of the moon, and the psychic power of the waters. She also governs the sacral chakra


Ingredients: Aquamarine crystal , Shells, Yemaya Essence, Mugwort, Spearmint, Lavender/Lily, Ying yang, Distilled Water


Meaning of ingredients: Therapeutic Grade Essence of - Mugwort, Ying-Yang, that both invoke the spirit energy of the moon, Patchouli acting as a aphrodisiac that stimulates the sacral chakra , Lavender that awakens the psychic powers of self, Yerba Buena sacred mint that honors the essence of Yemoja


Magik : Aquamarine Crystals, stones of the ocean and sacred to mermaid energy. Essence of Yemaya, Jamaican Floral Water, and Sea Shells are symbols and scents of Yemoja acting also as protect.

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