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Cooling Forest Aura Mist

Cooling Forest Aura Mist


Ogun  , is the  spirit of metal,  war, and ruler of  the Heart Chakra. Charging  the Heart chakra of love &  passion Ogun is a strong, powerful

masculine  orisha who  believes hard  work is the answer  to almost any problem.  He is a warrior and can  be called upon during war-time


Blessed with:  Therapeutic Grade  Essence of -Ying-Yang  works to charge the heart  and restore chi acting as a  aphrodisiac that stimulates the  heart chakra , Cedarwood invokes strength  and restores the muscles & power of self, Eucalyptus  acts as both a protect & tool to use this physical &  spirit pain

Wild Cherry Bark to envoke the woods energy of ogun and stimulate the heart chakra


Magik: Obsidian,  Stone used by native  indigenous to shield one  from negative energy & ancestral  connection also a color of Ogun.  Amazonite stones, a stone that restores the  heart from past trauma and grief. Essence of  Ogun, Jamaican Floral Water, and dried Eucalyptus

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