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Egungun Mi Candle " Ancestor Candle

Egungun Mi Candle " Ancestor Candle


This candle is blessed with Reiki  protection and higher self symbols.  Blessed with songs to the ancestors for  strength and protection.Sealed with Jasmine, mint, and Eucalyptus,  is calming and soothing for those with troubled minds and who find  it difficult to like themselves, or forgive themselves, but who need to  forgive and to find a place in their hearts to love themselves~Works with  the crown & 3rd eye Chakra~

Purpose: acts  as a tool to  ancestor reverence. Ancestor Reverence is essence to our ascension and connection to our ancestral strength and higher self  beyond this dimension.


This candle is offered in white only,  because it is white candles  that offer coolness, strength,  joy, clarity, and transformation  to our ancestor altar, if our ancestors  are strong so will our inner power. Our ancestors can blocks psychic attack and absorbs negative  energies from the environment. Brings clarity to the mind  and clears confusion. Using this prayer while lighting this  candle will bring forth divine blessings, dissolves emotional blockages  and ancient traumas

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