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Solar Return

Solar Return

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Although Oshun governs love and the sweet waters, she is also regarded as a highly benevolent Orisha and leader of the Aja. Most importantly Oshun is regarded as a healer of the sick, the bringer of song, music and dance, as well as prosperity and fertility, using her healing water for healing and mysticism. Like Osun this tincture restores both the heart and the solar plexus.


Healing Power

Lemon Balm: Improves Sleep Quality, balances hormone levels and calm anxiety and nerves, also an ancient remedy for insomnia. Powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, and aid in digestion.


Rose : Fights Depression, uplifts self-esteem, confidence,  mental strength while fighting depression. They can be very helpful in driving away depression and anxiety.Acts as both a protective and a healing essence for the heart chakra  used to invoke the healing love of Osun

Glycerin: used to preserve the essence of the plants and also to invoke the sweetness of Osun. This tincture will last until August 2018.

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