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Soul ✊🏿 Sista

Soul ✊🏿 Sista

In the words of Bilal “Steeper than steep
Soul only knows, this type of vibe gets stronger in time”. This Tincture stands in solidarity with our daily and dimensional fight against  depression, generational trauma, white supremacy that Assaulted our souls. Soul Sistah is a spiritual intervention that supports the full spectrum of the human condition to be addressed, including mental, emotional, physical and spiritual imbalances that manifest as a result of oppression, colonialism, and generational trauma.

This Unique blend is an antidepressant used for medicinal purposes since the time of Ancient times. It helps to ease pain, and settle anxiety.
Soul steak got you !!

Dosage : 20-30 drops under tongue 2-3 times daily or put drops in aqua. (20-30 drops is 1 full dropper)

Blessed with :
Passionflower, Butchu St Johns Wort, Searxh Mi Heart, Hawthorn Berries + Jamaican Rum
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