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ORI Cleanse

  • 2 hours
  • $55- 222
  • HT

Service Description

The crown has a spiritual significance that has traveled with people of African ancestry through the universe and that is maintained through religious and spiritual practices such as Pentecostal anointing, lave tet (head washing) in Haitian Vodun practice, and head rogation in Lucumí and Ifa practice, all of which involve prayers and the cleansing of the very top of the head “Ori” with coconut and other sacred items. The highest blessings and most sacred initiations in New World African religions focus on the area described as the crown chakra as a place to keep sacred medicine and multigenerational wisdom. When someone becomes a priest in these traditions, members of their spiritual community refer to them as having been “crowned.” Join me tomorrow as we welcome the healing of the CROWN” Ori” • OFFERINGS Ori herbal Cleanse Crystal Grid Crown Charge Chants + Sound Healing *Protective Hairstyle* For Protective Hairstyle message directly for additional price ( including braids,twist ,locing)

Contact Details

  • Haiti

    + 50938703167

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