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Lakou Dantes


About Us

Lakou Dantes is an Afro Indigenous-led and centered, healing quilombo, land-based intentional community, sacred herbal farm & botanika. We are a collective of healers, Manbos and Oungans working hand and hand with the lwa and ancestors to steward sacred land in Jakmel, Ayiti. Giving birth to land reclamation, community wellness, Vodou veneration, spiritual & ancestral Rites of Passage and  transformative justice. We commit to creating the necessary synergy and community based relationships that begin to merge and heal our indigenous intergenerational communities- globally and locally. 

This is not only a place for refuge but also serves as a place of regeneration and reclamation, invoking the spirit of self agency and communal healing. We are anchored in sharing land, resources, skills, labor, and healing modalities, to explore new approaches to healing the whole spectrum of the human condition. We are grounded in advancing the healing and elevation of our communities, our lineages, our descendants, healing ancestral trauma and cultivating generational healing and reconnection. 


We believe that any community-spiritual intervention must contain a healing component that allows the full spectrum of the human condition to be addressed, including mental, emotional, physical and spiritual imbalances that manifest as a result of oppression, colonialism, and generational trauma. We offer interventions to return back to our indigenous roots, that include a strong element of self-determined agency, as we all have the ability to heal ourselves and each other.



Green Leaves


Sacred Keepers


Manbo Lanise Colon our founder, grew up in a spiritual sanctified home, and learned from a very early age how important collective prayer and ritual makes access to the necessity of healing both collective and individual. She/they is the daughter of a Hougan and the great-granddaughter and many greats of farmers both on Gullah Geechee land and lands of Ayiti.

Words from our founder "I was reminded of my sacred duty as a keeper of the earth.

Today, tomorrow , yesterday I journeyed through touch, remembering my hands grabbing hold of the Earth in a different vessel. A different time and space. I feel she was my great great grandma from Ayiti. Giving me gentle reminders of the work I must do. Touching the arms of plants through the hands of my great nana's hands. I'm re-membering medicine before my lineage as I rest and move through the world! 

I have been in a space of preparation and journeying back to my ancestral lands. I embarked on a journey of initiation into Ayisyen Vodou and continuing my never-ending connection with plant ancestors. My new found - (re)membered Ayisyen indigenous name is Chèche Fouye Bon Manbo"

Chèche Fouye Bon Manbo 



Antoine Delius junior, ki di Vin Pou We Bon Ougan mwen se yon donk mwen levé nan yon fanmi kote mwen jwenn tout ap sevi vodou mwen grandi nan vodou. Mwen se Atis koregrafi, mwen jwe tanbou depi Alaj 5ans ak bout bokit mwen jwe tanbou ak bouche mwen San mwen potko ka bat tanbou byen après mwen vinn gen bon son nan zorey mwen epi mwen pratike pratike bon mwen vinn konprann net mwen komanse aprann konn fey ak manman kanzom mwen pratike avek li kounia mwen konprann kijan mwen ka fe maji ak fey, kijan mwen ka fe benny pou gerizon,pou fe Benny Chans benny giyon epi mwen Kanzo 2009 Kay manbo antiola bon Manbo nan fond alexis mwen konn fe travail déjou Anjou espri yo montrem koman yo pwisan yo edem nan tout sa map fe jeneralman zanset yo montrem viv lem nan vodou mwen alez nan mwen kontan donk mwen grandi nan rasinn mwen se yon geriseu!

Vin Pou We Bon Ougan



Anthony “Ajhay” Jackson, They/He. Born and raised in Houston, Texas. He moved to New Orleans, Louisiana in 2017 to attend Dillard University. It was in New Orleans that he felt his ancestors reach out and touch him. As he matriculated through college he begin recognizing my spiritual gifts. It wasn’t until 2019 that he began to truly embrace my calling as a healer. Hei is here to offer to our beloved Quilombo and Ayiti healing through sacred movement and traditional medicine.

Anthony “Ajhay” Jackson




Non pam mwen se Laguerre Faude non vanyan mw se Easy 100 Rabè mwen fèt jakmèl mw leve nan yon fanmi mistik manmanm sete yon manbo,Gran pèm sete yn ougan emwen menm depi a laj de 12zan espri kòmanse Danse sou mwen emwen tevin kreye espas pam kote poumwen fè tretman pou timoun epou granmoun aussi e laj de 19ans mwen vin antre nan la franc maconnerie savledi kounya mw se yon masonlòj(Freemason)mwen kafè anpil travay pounenpòt moun nenpòt kote emwen ka ede yon moun tou aprann anpil de mistik ok brèf mw trè kontan palew yn ti Kras de de mwen menm mèsi.

Laguerre Faude


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