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Soul Revival Ori Smudge
  • Soul Revival Ori Smudge


    Mugwort can be used as a sacred smoking herb or burned or protection and divination tool. It can ease you into a deeper meditation or trance state. It opens a more direct channel to the lunar magic within and above. It enhances astral projection, lucid dreaming and other altered states of consciousness. Some say that simply keeping mugwort under your pillow or in your bedroom will encourage prophetic dreams. Magik: Reiki love symbols, as well as a symbol for emotional balance and psychic –mental connection. This has been shared with songs to Osun & Ori & rose quartz crystal grid. Purpose: Brings love & mental clarity- a soul revival to the Heart & Mind. Assists in bringing one into a place supreme connection to the mind, to SPEAK from the heart and allow the soul to come to the surface


    Ingredients: Foraged flowers in Ayiti , Amwaz , and added ori Herbs

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