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Chakra Therapy Kit
  • Chakra Therapy Kit

    Essential oils have been used throughout ancient medicine as aromatherapy, skin support, and for optimal wellness. But essential oils can also be used to help support each of the chakras. Chakras give life to the energy centers in the body.  Here is aromatherapy kit all 7 Chakras. Each oil can be used for each energy center, as well as charge each of the 7 chakras.All oils are charged with crystals connected to its chakra, as well as having moonstone infused Root- Patchouli, VetiverSacral- Bergamot, Orange Solar- Lemon, Lemongrass Heart- Cedarwood, RoseThroat- Peppermint , Ylang YlangThird Eye- Sandlewood, Lavender Crown, Jasmine, LavenderAdded herbs, fruit, and curios to active each Chakra
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