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Travay Ginen

Ancestor Travay


Ancestor Ceremony


We offer three different options  of Vodou Ancestral Ceremony. The first option will be an ancestor table alongside a ceremony called Illuminasyon Illuminasyon are, in a way, a Vodouyizan’s bread and butter. Through an illminasyon we are able to attract the attention of several spirits all at once and petition them for our wants and needs. It is also an extremely powerful form of magic, as an illuminasyion burns extremely hot. Usually consisting of at least 7 ti mesh (hand made cotton wicks), these wicks burn strongly and in unison, providing the spirits with a powerful foundation on which to work.


 The second option will be a 9 day ceremony called a Libera/ Neven, the sacred number of the ancestors. We will set a candle/table for your ancestors with their photos and offerings , we are in ceremony everyday morning and night alongside our community to ELEVATE  your ancestors, and bring  forth  PROSPERITY, blessings, and longlife to you and your family. This is work that many people do to honor there ancestors every 7-10 years. This is the highest and most powerful ceremony to do for our close and distant ancestors, our ancestors known and unknown, forgotten and remembered. We will call in the names of the ancestors on both your mother and father side , and leave for those unknown everyday for 9 days, sining songs of liberation each DAY! 

The last option would is only one day it will be a Tab Mò yo . We will do a sackrim (animal sacrifice ) We will prepare all the ancient ancestor food and set the table, with food, drinks perfume. THISS is a blessed and consecrated ancestor table. 

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Ancestor Divination

This offering is done through the sacred tradition of Vodou Kat Leson, which has a very important role in Vodou. The most common method of divination in Haitian Vodou is the use of playing cards. It is extremely effective and has shown itself to be far superior to tarot cards. Houngans and Manbos may also invoke the possession of a lwa to give the reading. a Kat Leson allows me to see what your problem may be, the true root of your problem that you are facing in your family (because the cause of the problem may be something different than the surface problem), what lwa are involved or interested in the situation, and what the best solution to bring worth clarity.


Having a kat Lesson before commissioning an Ancestor ritual or ceremony will give you (and me) a great advantage. In this way, I can discover what the most effective way to solve your problem is. ISometimes the root has nothing to do with the surface problem at all! Many times, the client does not know the root of the problem.

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