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Travay Wanga
Vodou Leson


The construction of wanga is one of the most often requested ceremonies for a Houngan or Manbo to perform. A wanga is a “spell“. There are many different wanga and many different ways to construct them. Some wanga are the personal secrets of a Houngan or Manbo, and some are known as traditional. Pwen implies a spiritual or magical focus. It could be a ceremony, a lwa (spiritual entities that are believed to populate the world of Vodou), a magical object, a magical spell, a song, a dance, a particular pattern of veneration-serving the ancestors Traditional wanga are wanga that are known by most Houngans and Manbos. Each Houngan and Mambo also has his/her own secrets, and wanga are just some of them. When a Houngan/Mambo does a wanga, they are usually said to have “mare wanga“, or tied a wanga. This does not mean that all wangas are tied. The power or efficacy of the pwen is relevant to the spiritual strength of the houngan or mambo who is directing it. Some pwen is created, such as a magical spell or magical object.

THIS work also includes Vodou Leson. We have a close relationship to the Lwa that allows us a great amount of leverage, which helps us solve our client’s problems. The Kanzo ceremony enhances, strengthens, and clarifies one’s ability to tie wanga.​


Houngans and Mambos have an arsenal full of magik when approaching someone’s problem. Sometimes the magik requires the client to do some work his or herself, sometimes the Houngan/Mambo will do it, and many more times it will be a Lwa in the head of the Houngan/Mambo who will tie the magick. There are a number of different “charms” that may be used to resolve some problem.


Wanga include but are not limited to:

  • Ancestor Reverence 

  • Bring Forth Wealth

  • Love work 

  • Get a New Job

  • Improve your Health

  • Discover your Higher Self

  • Protection from someone or something

To request a wanga, please contact us and we will get back to you shortly. Thank you!


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