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Lakou Dantes   Botanika + Apothecary 

Welcome to our Botanika + Apothecary offers all your Vodou and conjure needs for all the children of Ginen !  We are Located in Mache Je fwa in Jakmel Ayiti 

Giving you the Vodou that has travelled from Ginen to Haiti , New Orleans, and the Southern parts. Calling in the conjure medicine and majik of Dahomey, Kongo , Yoruba , Benin, Fon, Igbo , Aje, Ewe, Adja, Akan, Ayizo, Bambara, Edo, Fulah, Hwla, , Igala, Mayi, Mede, Moudong, Nago, Ouatchi, Petwo, Rada, Savalou, Seneka, Wangòl, and Yagba


We offer you roots , sticks, stones , and bones and all the conjure tools for your Vodou + Hoodoo needs, as well as all the bush medicine you need to nourish you and yours 


We offer programs to educate our customers about the magical practices and religions of the Haitian Diaspora, and other conjure traditions, by offering high-quality conjure supplies, plant medicine, and hosting community events that foster understanding of our complex spiritual beliefs.

Gerbera Flower

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