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Travay Lamp


Lakou Dantes offers standard lamps at sliding scales. This is the type of lamp that can be burned as an offering of thanks to a lwa, or when making a petition to a lwa. This type of lamp is suitable for working on simple, straightforward requests as well. These lamps are burned in our Lwa Banji, created by Houngan+ Manbo Asogwe and maintained by us. They don’t go out during the time they are being burned.

Bear in mind that the longer a lamp is burned, the more heat is created and the more prayer and care it receives. Therefore, a seven day lamp is much more powerful than a one day lamp, and this should be taken into account when working for a specific goal or petitioning a spirit. We can maintain a lamp for greater lengths of time if required.








Travay Lamps

Sometimes a lamp will be prescribed as a part of travay, or as a complete work in and of itself. This type of lamp may contain botanical elements or other curios to enhance the power of the work. The length of time the lamp burns for is determined when the travay is prescribed, as are any additional elements. This type of lamp will be prescribed as a travay after a reading, if it is required.



Illuminasyon are, in a way, a Vodouwizan’s bread and butter. Through an illminasyon we are able to attract the attention of several spirits all at once and petition them for our wants and needs. It is also an extremely powerful form of magic, as an illuminasyion burns extremely hot.


Usually consisting of at least 7 ti mesh (hand made cotton wicks), these wicks burn strongly and in unison, providing the spirits with a powerful foundation on which to work. There are several types of illumination that are set in Haitian Vodou.

To request or discuss a lamp, please contact us and we will get back to you shortly. Thank you!


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